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Why your Small Business needs a Commercial Generator?

Regardless of where the base of your operations are in the US, you always need backup power to keep your business up and running. There is a potential risk of a fallout with clients if you operate a services oriented business such as a marketing or digital solutions firm. It is therefore of utmost importance that you have a backup commercial generator for your power needs. Here’s 4 reasons why you need one for your small business.

1.   Keep Your Office Equipment Functional And Track Your On Ground Team

If your office suffers from a power cut or a natural disaster, it may pay to have backup power that turns on instantly. Electrically operated machinery can still stay functional and so can cloud based management systems for your small or medium business, preventing data loss and allowing continued operations despite the circumstances.

Workstations may have important data that may be lost or corrupted in the case of a power outage and are vulnerable at all times. Management systems being online is a huge advantage because you can keep track of your operations and on-ground workforce (sales team and transport fleet) despite no power being available from the grid.

2.   Keeping In Touch With Your Clients And Customers

If the area suffers from an impact of a natural disaster and your office has to be rebuilt partially, it could be weeks before you can get in touch with your clients and suppliers. A commercial backup generator, however could allow you to get in touch with these stakeholders as soon as your office is rebuilt. You don’t have to wait an extra week or two just for power to be restored.

Compared to surrounding businesses who do not have the luxury of a backup generator, your clients (and suppliers) will be happy to see that the company is up and running. You can build up your company’s goodwill in the process.

3.   Better Perceived Value For Customers

Businesses, individuals and communities living in coastal areas such as Miami, Fl. are aware of the damaging effects of hurricanes and other tropical storms. Life and businesses as we know them can come to a virtual standstill.

Perceived value is crucial for a small business that is just starting out. Especially one that has its operational base in an area such as this which is prone to hurricanes and such. Having a commercial generator creates higher perceived value since you are able to provide continued services despite the prevailing circumstances which may have caused irreparable damage for some business already.

4.   Well-Lit Office Spaces Prevent A Fall In Productivity

An office space that has no power supply is one that paints a rather gloomy and unproductive picture. It shows that revenue streams are starting to fall and operations are coming to a halt. For example, if an earthquake hits that causes a blackout but no significant damage to the workplace and equipment, it can pay to have a commercial backup generator installed.

Your employees can continue to work without much interruptions and have a greater sense of security. Why a greater sense of security? Because burglars have no choice but to avoid looting a business that is still well lit despite the blackout or weather, and they can be seen.