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The Why And How Of Hotel Generators

The hospitality industry is chock full of ripe competition and one needs to have the competitive edge when it comes to cleanliness, professionalism and the right attitude to stay ahead of the curve. In a service industry, you cannot afford to fall behind and make the wrong impression in front of your guests. Hotels are no exception.

If the guests don’t get what they pay for, they will leave with a bad impression of the hotel which will spread through word of mouth and the web. That is not good for a hotel in any way. Along with cleanliness, and professionalism, a hotel needs to have a backup generator for emergencies. When the electricity company fails to deliver, your hotel shouldn’t.

Backup for Emergencies

Electricity is critical for hotels, especially during holiday season when check-ins are at their peak. A permanent industrial generator that is part of your hotel’s electrical system is the ideal way to deal with a bad case of power failure. The system will activate mere seconds after a power outage so that your guests’ state of alarm is very short lived.

Your most important assets such as central air conditioning, heating and lighting systems depend on electricity as do any refrigerators, electrical ovens or kitchen equipment in your in-house restaurants. Most industrial generators are powered by diesel or natural gas that is coming into the hotel through the usual supply.

If you don’t have these fuel sources coming into the facility, you may need to have a liquid propane tank to power your backup generator. These generators are the most reliable lifeline that you have when everything else fails.

Criteria for Selection

The selection criteria for an industrial generator needs to be kept at the top of your mind to ensure that the generator serves its purpose without incurring extra costs for your hotel in the long run. One criterion is wattage (unit of power). It can be of two types: surge and rated. Surge wattage is the rating that measures the wattage needed to get an appliance online (starting wattage). Rating wattage on the other hand is the wattage needed to keep the appliance running (running wattage).

The combined effect of these two wattages measures the total power that you need from the industrial generator that you buy. Your hotel has a number of appliances and different systems that must be kept in consideration when measuring the total power that needs to be generated in times of outages. Of course there are budgetary constraints that need to be kept in careful consideration as well.

This information will help you greatly in picking out the ones suited best for your hotel’s needs. You can then start selecting generators from a number of industrial generators of different types (gas or diesel) and of different sizes.

To recap, an industrial generator can be your perfect hotel amenity that allows your guests to have the best experience that they possibly can. To get one installed, contact us at (863) 614-2722