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Why and how should you maintain your Industrial Generators

Your factory generator is also one of your company’s assets, much like equipment, cash, and human resources, and should be treated the same way.

Hence, the maintenance contractor for your generators has a huge responsibility on their hands. They are responsible for timely maintenance of records, inspecting and examining the engine and systems in the generator, know about the various technicalities and follow the safety guidelines put forth by the generator manufacturer.

Why is it important to maintain Industrial Generators?

They provide your factory with the additional support and backup, in case of a power outage. Industrial generators also need to be maintained properly in order to have them at peak performance. Getting an uninterrupted power supply from your generator necessitates its proper maintenance.

Diesel generators need to be maintained in order to get the maximum performance. They can either be used for primary power of in emergencies. To be able to provide the best quality of service during their useful life, they need to be maintained at regular intervals. For a large factory, generators are used as a primary power source as compared to a smaller company who may just use it as an emergency source of power so that their business doesn’t suffer due to a power outage.

Maintenance guidelines provided by giants in the generator manufacturing industry such as Caterpillar and Cummins etc. should be followed by the in-house or outsourced engineers when doing preventative maintenance.

In addition, replacing old components before they are completely worn out is fair practice as it allows you to experience great savings of unnecessary upgrades or component failure (which may cause your industrial generator to break down ahead of time and affect the function of other components).

What is involved in industrial generator maintenance?

Industrial generator maintenance should be done in a reliable way that makes sure that the factory operations don’t come to a halt or face bottlenecks in times of need. It is also important for having efficient generator performance and longevity.

The important facets of maintenance of industrial generators are listed below:

  1. Verification of control panel readings and indications.
  2. Load bank testing: a way to test the right operating performance of the generator
  3. Installing new components recommended by the manufacturer when it’s time for an upgrade.
  4. Removal and replacement of old worn out parts
  5. Changing fuel and air filters on the generators
  6. Checking fluid levels and replenishing them.

The technician that is handling the maintenance of the generator, whether it is diesel or natural-gas powered, should practice extreme caution to record all the activities in the log book. The hour meter reading along with many other important readings and the date and time of inspection are recorded in the log book.

Recording this information is important as a historical log of the readings over-time can alert the technician of the potential problems that may exist in the generator. An example may be of a faulty component causing the performance and efficiency of the generator to drop.

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