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Why should you give your home's standby generator maintenance a top priority?

So you already have a generator in the house which means that you are no stranger to the perks of having an unlimited power supply. But those perks can be short-lived if you do not give your generator’s maintenance a top priority. The weather can be brutal, from snow to hail to rain and dust storms so you have to be prepared for wear and tear. By maintaining your generator consistently and periodically, you are improving the lives of not only the generator but that of your family as well.

Here are some of the reasons why you should have generator maintenance as a top priority on your household to-do list.

1.    Increase your generator’s lifespan

Did you know that if you maintain your generator well, that you can use it for as long as 30,000 hours? That’s 1250 days, which translates to 3 and a half years of CONTINUOUS use. Even if we take the figure down a couple notches to 10,000 hours and assume that your area suffers from a yearly loss of around 40 hours, your generator would still last you a little over a good 10 years. That is if you maintain it properly.

This would definitely count as a long-term win of a purchase. Not only will it save you the hassle of making ridiculously expensive emergency calls, but allow you to have peace of mind. A good service provider will also ensure that you receive proper and timely maintenance as a priority. 

2.    Too risky to Ignore

Nothing matters like family. Your kids and your spouse all deserve protection from any and all threats. If there’s an opportunity for protection, this is it. A generator for your family is like taking out an insurance policy against the power companies who might turn you down at the most crucial of times. If you don’t protect this insurance policy, you will have much more difficulty in dealing with unforeseen circumstances like tropical storms or power outages. You need to make the most out of this blessing in disguise that you have by maintaining it properly and in a timely fashion. Sometimes during a blackout, a standby generator is the only ray of hope that you may rely on (if it is properly maintained).

3.    Checking, Checking and more Checking

Your generator may use natural gas or even gasoline to create electricity. It sounds simple enough but it is really not. It’s more like the engine of your car (come to think of it, a generator is, in fact, like a car’s engine). Your car needs an oil change, air filter change, break and radiator fluid change as well as service, to help it stay in shape. There are minute details in checking that, if missed, can ruin your generator. Oil filters, valves, spark plugs, pressure checks and other important tests will all be taken care of once you choose our services.

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